ColorOnly with Fran Drescher

ColorOnly, a hair coloring salon, recently launched with support from FranAdCo, a brand and marketing agency. The agency provided comprehensive marketing support, including videos, photography, marketing strategies, and tools to increase trust with franchise buyers, leading to a successful launch for ColorOnly. The involvement of celebrity Fran Drescher helped establish trust and credibility for the salon. Transparency and honesty were crucial factors in the launch's success.

Video Production, Marketing Consultation, Photography, Post-Production, Graphic Advertisement
3x Videos, 6x Fliers, Over 1000 Photos, Consultation
ColorOnly with Fran Drescher

Project Overview

ColorOnly, a hair salon that specializes in hair coloring, recently launched with the support of FranAdCo. We delivered a comprehensive marketing package to help launch the salon, including a promotional video, marketing strategies, registration support, professional photography, customer testimonials, process videos, and tools to increase trust with potential franchise buyers. This extensive support helped to ensure a successful launch for ColorOnly and set them up for continued success in the future.

Service included:

  • 3x Videos (Event coverage, testimonial, B-Rolls, Interviews, multi-cam shoot, travel, full stack post-production, 1 week turn-around)
  • Photography (Head shots, group shots, red carpet event coverage, post-production, gallery overview)
  • AD fliers that brought in hundreds of people to the event
  • Marketing and Brand consultation and roadmap for the future

The launch of ColorOnly, a hair salon that focuses on hair coloring, was boosted by the involvement of Fran Drescher, a well-known celebrity. FranAdCo, the brand and marketing agency, leveraged her fame to create a strong impact. However, the most important aspect of their marketing strategy was to showcase Fran's honest and transparent endorsement of ColorOnly's services. This helped to establish trust with potential customers and franchise buyers. With Fran's support and FranAdCo's expertise in marketing, ColorOnly was successfully introduced to the franchise market. The belief that transparency and honesty are crucial for long-term brand success was a key driver in the success of the launch.

Purpose Video

Process Video

Testimonial Video

Project Results

FCC and the entire network have been using the content to entice buyers of ColorOnly. Our feedback is that there have been many leads and they use the content to bring the leads closer to a sale. The reason for this is because leads are trusting the brand and the effort. The brand strategy and how it all aligns is something very attractive to many that want to be part of the salon industry.